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Pathetic. A Bill Banning Online Cigar Sales Moves Forward.

A bill banning catalog and internet sales of tobacco - including premium cigars - just passed subcommittee in the House of Representatives. The bill also raises the smoking age to 21 for everyone, including military members.

That this even passed the subcommittee shows just how deranged and pathetic the do-gooder, nanny-state weaklings in congress really are.

We've become a nation of whining children, incapable of dealing with the fact that liberty means having the option to splurge on ourselves when we decide.

Sometimes that means fried foods, sometimes that means desserts, sometimes that means a large sugary drink at the theater, and sometimes that means some premium tobacco.

That premium cigars are included in this anti-smoking garbage means it's NOT about health.

Premium cigars are created from 100% tobacco leaves, hand-crafted following centuries of tradition, and are generally used to mark moments of celebration, to bond with friends, or just to live the good life.

Unlike cigarettes, premium cigars aren't inhaled, aren't chain smoked, and in moderation have little-to-no negative impact on one's health.

In fact, most life insurance companies explicitly protect the right of the insured to smoke an occasional cigar - some even allow multiple smokes per month.

Again, it's not about health. But even if it was, we still shouldn't care because we're adults and should have the right to make adult decisions - like how much we eat, how much we drink, and how we live our lives in general.

That this bill also raises the smoking age for MILITARY MEMBERS to the age of 21 is beyond asinine. If you're old enough to die in Afghanistan, then you're old enough to smoke a Davidoff with me before you're shipped out.

This is just another step in the never-ending march of a decaying society towards permanent adolescence. I don't want any part.

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