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Connell Media Projects

Over the years, I've built and sold nearly a dozen businesses. Now, I only build businesses and projects that I'm planning on owning for years to come.

Most of my projects are websites that fall under the umbrella of Connell Media, a network of websites about finance, business, and investing. I also have a few passion projects related to philosophy and psychology.

I generally try to work on a few projects at a time so nothing gets stale. The following are my current projects under Connell Media:

  • My personal blog is mostly about wealth strategy, philosophy, finance, and self-growth.
  • Freelance Writing Jobs. This is a popular job board and hiring guide for people looking to hire freelance writers - or get a job as a freelance writer.
  • Writing Tips. This is a simple website dedicated to teaching proper English, how to deal with confusing words, and how to write better in general.
  • Learn Financial Strategy. A personal finance guide to help anyone invest well and retire early.
  • Credit Building Tips. This is a simple project launched to help people understand how to build their credit. It might seem boring, but credit education is critical to doing well financially.
  • Learn Basic Economics. A periodically updated website explaining basic economic lessons for Americans.
  • US Dictionary. This project is an incredibly intense one. We're trying to build the best online dictionary in the world.
  • Bible Verses 101. This project was designed to provide simple, easy-to-navigate topical lists of Bible verses for people who are doing Biblical research.
  • Rental Property Calculator. This is a simple rental income calculator created to help real estate investors project their future returns if they buy a particular investment property. This is a really fun project.
  • Stoic Quotes. A website dedicated to explaining Stoic philosophy and providing quotes about Stoicism to people looking to take control of their minds and lives.

I'll keep this page updated. If you want to read more, check out my essays page. You can also see why I love living in Texas.

NOTE: I just updated the above two "learn" projects with their corresponding website addresses ("Learn Financial Strategy" and "Learn Basic Economics"). Make sure to check them both out.

Shaun Connell has built multiple 7-figure earning businesses, including one with a successful multi-million dollar exit. He's obsessed with wealth building, investing, entrepreneurship, and Stoic philosophy. You can learn more about Shaun by checking out his essays or project list.