About Me

My name is Shaun Connell, and I’m an entrepreneur living in Conway, Arkansas. I’m 27, quasi-retired*, and love to read write about boring things like finance, pop philosophy, right-wing sociology, entrepreneurship, and life hacking in general.

I have a lot of off beat theories that I find incredibly fun and useful to analyze and discuss. I’ll probably be posting a lot about these topics on this website as time goes on.

This website was originally launched in 2007. I recently had it redesigned to relaunch as I finally have time to put some thoughts to paper after neglecting the website for nearly a decade.

Core Values and Beliefs

I passionately believe in Natural Values and try to live according to those values. “Natural Values” make up a value framework I’ve developed over the last few years that I try to use as a kind of operating system for life. Think: applied philosophy.

This was partially inspired by Tim Ferriss’ blog post as well as author Richard Maybury’s discussion of mental models. It borrows from a lot of different sources and is still very early in its conceptual development.

Natural values are the values that maximize human prosperity in the context of nature. In other words, living according to natural values should be seen as a very practical lifestyle based on strategic decisions that lead to a happy, prosperous, constantly growing lifestyle. It’s extremely oriented towards actual material results. Symbolism and narratives that don’t have material consequences aren’t given much weight.

Since developing this framework, life has almost seemed like it’s being lived with cheat codes. I don’t know of any other way to phrase it. Relationships, business decisions, lifestyle decisions – they all flow very naturally, pardon the pun.

The political implications is a very hardcore belief in capitalism and defending the basic institutions of civilization by appealing to how functional and useful they are for human prosperity.

Lifestyle and Miscellaneous

I live a very boring, quiet life in Conway, Arkansas. I like to eat at a local mom-and-pop breakfast shop, go on long walks (sometimes hours per walk), read, think, and write. At this point in my life, I don’t work full time, and have no current plans of working full time again.

My main lifestyle goal is to recover after a grueling 8-year sprint of launching dozens of projects and getting incredibly burned out. So far, so good – the new lifestyle is definitely relaxing and I feel like I’m heading in the right direction.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have projects I’m working on, I’m just making sure I don’t go crazy and over-prioritize them. I’m essentially retired, and work for the sake of being productive rather than to pay my bills.

My personal office in Conway, Arkansas.
My personal office in Conway, Arkansas.

Past Projects

My past projects are discussed here. I’ve had a successful successful career in three main stages. I started off marketing to search engines, shifted to email marketing, and finally ended with social media marketing. My current projects are a little different, as I’ll explain below.

  • Search-Engine Marketing. While in high school, I started a large network of websites that I ranked on Google for extremely competitive keywords. Debt, gold, make money online – I ranked for all sorts of the top keywords. I eventually sold almost all of this network off to different investors around the world.
  • Email Marketing. Eventually, one of my websites – a blog about the gold market – took off. I set up an email newsletter and ran that for several years. It had a powerful core group of readers that I engaged with constantly. Hands down, this was the most relaxing and personally rewarding part of my career so far.
  • Social-Media Marketing. My last substantially large project was political publishing. I founded Capitalism Institute and Conservative Tribune. They both ended up becoming incredibly popular. Conservative Tribune ended up being one of the top 100 most popular websites in America. I sold both to a like-minded company as I moved on to other projects.

Current Projects

Currently, I have some part-time projects in physical product development in various niches, including mainly fitness. I also have several blogs that I’m developing in the financial sphere.

My current projects include:

  • Physical Fitness Products. This project exists to launch physical products in the fitness niche, a growing market that will likely be filled with increasingly price insensitive customers as they become pickier for quality.
  • Fitness Email Newsletter. This project exists to builder a user base that can be utilized to launch more physical products down the road.
  • Passive Income Website (check it out here). This project exists to explain how the average person can build multiple streams of passive income and either retire or quasi-retire early.
  • Reason & Capitalism Blog. This website exists to be an online business card, resume, and platform for publishing thoughts on different ideas. I have no plans to directly monetize this website.

I generally don’t talk much about my projects until the projects are done. For the physical product businesses, that means at least 2 years away for most of what I’m working on, as it takes a very long-time to move in the physical products space compared to most internet marketing projects I’ve worked on.

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*I don’t know what else to call it. I essentially do what I want all day, and part of that includes for-profit projects. But I only work when I want and am not motivated by “paying the bills” as those are all taken care of through passive investments and multiple passive income streams.