Long-Form Articles: Thoughts on Society, Philosophy, and Strategy

I really enjoy analyzing, talking, and writing about the following topics. Each one seems to be incredibly important, yet is given very little emphasis in most peoples’ educations. This should change.

The topics below mostly cover applied sociology, economics, and amateur philosophy. In other words, they’re an amateur attempt at taking big ideas and applying them to “real life.”

These are massive topics and maybe I have no business trying to understand them. But these topics are fun and, so far, very life changing for the better. Happy reading.

  • Natural Values: The Hidden Code for Human Prosperity
  • Pathetic Values: Decrypting the Pathetic Nature of Men
  • Personal Strategy: Man’s Basic Tool for Prosperity
  • Social Filters: The Invisible Gatekeeper of Ideas
  • Social Legitimacy: Learning the Most Powerful Social Filter
  • Neutral Knowledge: Why People See Things So Differently
  • Social Analysis: How to Analyze Societies Without Bigotry
  • Gender Roles: What Almost Nobody Wants to Admit
  • Wealth Creation: 7 Money Facts That Will Change Your Life
  • Modern Monetary Theory: A Brief Introduction
  • Millennial Facts: The Truth About the ‘Millennials’
  • Labor Collapse: The Coming Economic and Social Disruption

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